Babywearing Textiles and Designs

Babywearing Textiles and Designs

Making your textile visions a reality


Making your textile visions a reality

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Warp and Weft Design Expertise

Whether it be gradient or painted style warp designs, we have your weaving needs covered.  We boast an extensive design portfolio, offering both mock up images of warp/weft combinations, and exact thread counts to attain the look that you desire.  We work hand in hand with each customer until their exact vision is realized.


Committed to Quality Weaving

We believe that quality should never be a compromise. No matter what type of fabric you're looking for, we work very closely with our customers throughout the process of design, weaving, and tailoring. We inspect each and every textile multiple times before mailing the finished product.  We want you to enjoy our designs with confidence in the high standards we hold for our products.  Whether you are looking for babywearing slings or wraps, or high end fashion products, we have your needs covered.


Babywearing Safety Is Paramount

We take babywearing safety very seriously.  We are fully compliant with all  current US regulations, having tested both our wraps and slings with a passing result with AM Testing & Services.  We are active BCIA members, as well.

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